We are pursuing mass customization in the fashion industry.

About Us

We are young company with a goal to innovate the textile product manufacturing industry. We provide all in one service in the textile fashion industry such as design licensing and fabric/textile product manufacturing services to provide solutions tailored to the needs of each customer.

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    2015 -

    Textile Connecting Platform Was Born

    Since 2015, Haerae has been creating new value in the domestic textile industry through legal pattern design licensing and specialized material development.
    In collaboration with numerous textile companies, we provide a one-stop custom-made service from textile weaving and knitting to finishing and post-processing.

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    2018 -

    Textile and Fashion + ICT

    Since 2018, Haerae has made great efforts to apply Information Communication Technology (ICT) to the textile and fashion industries.
    Through our proprietary web solution, we efficiently manage the complex ordering and production of textile orders, and supply high-quality textile products at reasonable prices to small designer brands.

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    2019 -

    Industry Standard

    In 2019, Haerae expanded its service to fashion design and finished sewing products. We standardized the ODM service process of the existing textile and fashion industry so that small brands can focus on design and marketing.
    We plan, curate, and propose trendy and advanced materials and designs through experts in each field.

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    2020 -

    Mass Customization

    In 2020, Haerae is pursuing a mass customization business in the fashion industry to maintain high freedom, quality, and price by taking advantage of the existing textile product order production service.
    In order to achieve our vision of 'let people wear what they want', we are hyper-connecting communication in the textile and fashion industries and organically integrating them using automation technology.

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